The organizers

Marc Fleischhauer, Dani Elle Maas, TJ Masters, Tanja Rac and Isa Brandt


More Info on each organizer coming soon!

The Pack Leader ;)

Hi I am Danielle “Dani” Maas. I am 43 years old , mother of a 15 year old girl , married to my husband and living in The Netherlands. I own Love Bytes reviews and I started this Eurocon adventure with Marc three years ago.
I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful event and I hope it will continue to florish.

Why Pack Leader? They say I am the mother hen. The person the delegates can come to during the event and who keeps the pack together before the event, keeping the big picture in mind, making sure everyone manages to do what they are planning to do.
Looking forward to seeing you all at Euro Pride Con!