Euro Pride Con 2017

June 24/25

Welcome to Euro Pride Con's new website!


AFTER our successful EURO PRIDE CON events in Munich (2015) and Berlin (2016), our next LGBT Fiction Meet will again take place in Berlin on June 24 & 25, 2017. We will return to the Hotel Berlin, which is very LGBT friendly, in the middle of Berlin's gay neighborhood and has been a fantastic event location in 2016.


Learn more about Euro Pride Con HERE.

 JOIN our authors at EuroPrideCon 2017:


Abi RouxAlex Gabriel, Amelia Faulkner, Amheliie, 

Andrew Grey, Ana J. Phoenix, Antonio Rodriguez, 

Anyta Sunday, Avylinn Winter, Beryll Brackhaus, 

Blaine D. Arden, Casey Ashwood, Chris Ethan, 

Christian Baines, E. Davies, F.V. Estyer, Hans M Hirschi, 

Helena Stone, Julie BozzaK.C. Wells

L.A. Witt, Lane Swift, Maris Black, Max Vos, 

Meraki P. LyhneMia Kerick, Michael Holloway Perronne, 

Monika De Giorgi, Osiris Brackhaus, Reg Dixon

Shannon West, Teodora KostovaT.J. Masters, TJ Klune, 

Varian Krylov (Check out our full attendee list HERE)


A special THANK YOU to our sponsors:


Amelia Faulkner, Andrew Grey, Between the Lines Editing, Charlie Richards, Clare London, Dreamspinner Press, E. Davies, eXtasy Books, Feliz Faber, J.P. Kenwood, Josh Lanyon,

K.C. Wells, L.A: Witt, Love Bytes Reviews, Manifold Press,

Mia Kerick, Pages Media, Painted Hearts Publishing,

Rainbow Gold Reviews, Riptide Publishing, T.J. Masters


Save the date! Euro Pride Con is coming back next year on June 30 / July 1, 2018 near Amsterdam.



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